Help High School Students Develop Winning Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence To Enhance Performance.

Become a Super Human Being in my 3 Step System. 6-12 Weeks Online Course

  • Conquer Your Mind - Who actually has time for this? Many times we only focus on the physical body. Not this program. A winning performance is directly connected to self-confidence.
  • Live Fit and Healthy - Including a list of approved foods, workout videos and follow up emails to develop and improve athlete performance.
  • Gain Emotional Intelligence - Emotional aware increases your ability to become the leader you truly want to be.
  • Lifetime Access

Hi, I'm Aaron

Workout Trainer, Nutrition and Performance Coach

A Fitness Guide

I'm a passionate Louisiana sportsman who has been working out since the age of 8. Having a Master's degree in Kinesiology, my fitness programs are second to none, the best for enhancing performance.

Video Demonstrations

Sport specific and non-specific sports training programs, full-body workouts and athletic performance is extensive.

An Athlete's Guide

I'll use my vast sports expertise to transform you from an average person into a super human being with my 3 - step system.

Friendly Recipes

Break your cycle of procrastination and unhealthy lifestyle; reset your nutritional practices now.

Join the Aaron Johnson Fitness Club

Makes you a more physically fit, mentally strong and more balanced person. I have helped thousands of athletes, aspiring athletes become the best version of themselves

It Won't Be Easy, But It'll Be Worth It!

  • Nutrition Plan - You get unlimited use of my nutrition guides to grow your nutrition habits, educate yourself on portion control and food combinations for enhance performance in sports and exercise and in life.
  • Full-body Workout Regimen - Workouts and workout videos including a list of approved exercises, workout challenges, follow up emails to get started on the right foot.
  • Secrets to Mastering Yourself - Join our Facebook Group of other hunger and thirsty individuals for support and much more.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Self confidence is our key to success. We will help you improve your self-confidence for better performance in life and sport.

Are You A:

Athletic Director, Coach and Parent

Who want to participate in their children's physical, psychological, and emotional growth into a super human being?

Athlete (age 13 - 18)

Who are looking to go from 2nd place to 1st, back-up to 1st string, All-District to All-American and unleash your full potential?.

Aspiring Athlete (age 13 - 18)

Who are looking to reshape their body, improve their physical ability, and reinforce their mental strength?

Aaron Johnson Fitness Club (AJFC)Is For You

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Become a Super Human Being with Aaron

Did you know that 1 in 2 people in the US suffer from chronic lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases?

93% of the people we work with need 180 degree rehabilitation before they can even begin a sports performance program. Jumping into workouts after years of unhealthy lifestyle leads to injuries, dejection, and ultimately quitting. We will help you overcome these common pitfalls.

That's why, Aaron Johnson Fitness Club takes a holistic approach to sports and fitness. We begin with the fundamentals and help you discover your physical, mental, and psychological potential.

A carefully drawn nutrition plan detoxifies you from the inside, even as you strengthen your physical capacities with a workout routine. Finally, we help you build a strong foundation of character by cultivating your emotional intelligence, success mindset and much much more.

How AJFC Can Help You Win?

Super Human Sport Performance Program

Give your young athletes ages 13-18, a head start into the life of health and wellness. We teach them fundamentals and instill within them a passion for physical workouts, which rewards them with a long, healthy and rewarding life.

Online Course

Fun and Exciting Results

For High School Boys

Improve Social Skills

For High School Girls

Super Human Sports Performance Program

An online learning system was written by an athlete for athletes. Separate your athlete and team from the rest..


Master your mind, but who cares about this?


Healthy and physically fit, but everyone is working out. How can your programs be different?


Become a more emotionally intelligent athlete and team, what?

*** This course is designed to motivate young athletes and aspiring athletes ages 13 and up in areas of character building and leadership.

*** We teach students how to use the life skills inherently learned while playing sports towards their real life experiences.

  • Physical strength development, but everyone is working out.
  • Mental toughness where champions are created.
  • Emotional intelligence the difference between destiny and dynasty.

This ebook and online course is a journey towards your athletes, non-athletic students and team becoming more aware of their super human ability.

In sports, coaches have an opportunity to teach how to use the power of concentration and focus to change a game. Handling or coping with stress and failure are inherent in sports culture. Would teaching these same mental faculties change family, communities and worlds around?

Don't Be A Dumb Jock; How To Be A Super Human Being ebook and online course are designed to increase the awareness in the interconnectedness between physical, mental and emotional learning to build champions in sport and outside of sport.

Our customers love us

"Each one of our athletes will participate in reading this book and taking the course!"

- Sharon - Athletic Director (Baton Rouge, LA)

"This is going to be a great program for our athletes."

- Tom - Strength and Conditioning Coach (Baton Rouge, LA)

"Great book and program. Thanks Coach"

Daniel - Athlete (Dallas, TX)

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